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Dogs of Swift Run Dobermans
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UDC CH Swift Run Showstopper v Kkro. BSA E1A BH UDC-CD WAC CGC (11/13/03-04/06/14).  PennHip tighter than 90% of dobermans tested, OFA Excellent DP-12020E28M-PI, vWD Clear by Vetgen, Thyroid Normal by MSU on 6/20/13, CERF Normal CERF #DP-1713/2007-41, Echocardiogram Normal by Dr. Bonagura, OSU, March 2013, Holter Normal March 2013. PDK4 Negative. 

Kitty Black gong.  Date of Birth 8/28/03. (08/28/03-11/06/14) Cause of death was cancer.  Thyroid normal by MSU 3/22/2005, CERF Normal, Holter normal on 4/19/2005 by Dr. Nancy Morris.  Vetgen vWD Clear. She is OFA Good.

Asti vom Rubenhof IPO1 Sch1 WD1 (10/31/02 - 4/7/12) Cause of death was mammary cancer. OFA Good DP-11585G25F-PI, OFA Elbows Normal DP-EL977F25-PI, Vetgen vWD Clear CERF#DP-1913/2007-53, Thyroid Normal MSU 11/15/2007, Asti's Echocardiogram Normal by Dr. Calvert, UGA 7/21/2010 and Asti's Holter Normal 3/4/2011, PDK4 Positive Heterozygous. 

Swift Run's Babe Sch3, ZTPSG1A (12/6/1992 - 4/11/2006)  Cause of death was due to multiple degenerative spinal lesions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and lumbosacral. She was the 1999 UDC National Schutzhund Champion and the High Scoring Doberman at the 99 AWDF Championship with 98 points in protection. 

Swift Run's All That Jazz Sch1  (1/15/2001 - 6/9/2006)  Cause of death was due to gastric dilatation and volvulus (bloat and torsion).

Jessebae Dancin With The Stars co-owned with Anna Platt, DVM.  CERF#DP-1912/2007-14, Vetgen vWD Clear, OFA Preliminary Good, Normal Thyroid by MSU on 8/28/2007, Echocardiogram and Holter Normal by Dr. Calvert, UGA on 12/05/2007.  Breeder: Steve Stout

Swift Run's Magnum Enforcer Normal Thyroid by MSU on 01/17/2008, Echocardiogram and Holter Normal by Dr. Calvert, UGA on 12/05/2007, CERF#DP-1980/2007-69, Vetgen vWD Clear by Parentage, OFA Good.

Swift Run's Lorayna Bite It v Kiziah MSU Thyroid Profile Normal 06/18/13, CERF# DP-2223N/2009-12, OFA Good, Pennhip tighter than 70% of Dobermans tested, Vetgen vWD Clear, Echocardiogram Equivocal by Dr. Bonagura, OSU 06/11/14, Holter 3 PVC's in 24 hours on 04/15/14. PDK4 Positive Heterozygous.

Swift Run Eischa vom Kollund Kro CERF# DP-2224/2009-12, Vetgen vWD Clear, OFA Fair, PennHip tighter than 90%. Echocardiogram Normal by Dr. Scansen, OSU 10/28/14, Holter Normal 11/26/14, PDK4 Negative.

Schloss Neuschwanstein vom Swift Run CERF# DP-2225N/2009-2, PDK4 Positive Heterozygous.  Normal Thyroid by MSU, 12/13/12. Echocardiogram Normal by Dr. Bonagura, OSU, March 2013. OFA Hips Good, PennHip Tighter than 90% of Dobermans tested. Vetgen vWD Clear.

Morgana's Jumpin Jack Flash CERF#DP-2319/2010-5, NCSU Doberman DCM Positive Heterozygous, PennHip tighter than 70%, OFA Fair, vWD Clear by Vetgen, Holter Normal 12/03/14

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