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Bowling Green,  KY.  42103
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Tammy Marshall-Weldon, Owner

Striving to breed Dobermans for a
long and successful life.

We produce dogs that will impress
any dog enthusiast.

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Puppies & Dogs Available

Bookmark this page and check back for new puppies and dogs as they become available!

Puppy Questionnaire

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please fill out the information below and email it to me at swift3530@aol.com or send it by snail mail to 582 Pleasant Hill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42103.

Thank you for your interest in Swift Run Dobermans!

Please provide your name, address, and best phone number to reach you at, as well as an email address.

Were you referred by anyone?
What research have you done on dobermans?
What qualities of the doberman attracted you to the breed?
Have you ever owned or titled a Doberman before?
Have you ever met a Swift Run Doberman? And if so, can you recall at what event or place or who the dog was?
Do you currently have any pets? If so, please elaborate.
Briefly describe your history with dogs.
What clubs do you belong to?
What are your goals for your new dog?
Who would you be training with?
What type of home do you have?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you have time to socialize and train a new puppy?
Do you have experience taping cropped ears?
Are you interested in a male or a female?
Provide 3 references, including your veterinarian.
Do you have children and if so, what will be their involvement with the new dog?
Have you ever crate trained a puppy before?
Is your dog going to be a house dog?

Thank you for taking the time to provide this information!

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