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Stud Dogs

Stud Dog

Swift Run Casanova BH, WAC, CGC

PennHip tighter than 80% of Dobermans tested, OFA Good, vWD Clear by Vetgen, NCSU Doberman DCM Negative, Echocardiogram Normal by Dr. Bonagura, OSU, 01/22/15, Holter Normal 01/07/15, Eyes Normal Dr. Huskey DVM, MS, DACVO12/21/09, MSU Thyroid Profile pending.

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Stud Dog

UDC CH. Swift Run Showstopper v kkro BSA E1A BH, UDC-CD, WAC CGC (11/13/03 -04/ 06/14) Cause of death: Lymphoma and complications from chemotherapy

PennHip tighter than 90% of Dobermans tested, OFA Excellent DP-12020E28M-PI, vWD Clear by Vetgen, Thyroid Normal by MSU January, 2013, CERF Normal CERF #DP-1713/2007-41, Echocardiogram Normal by Dr. Bonagura, OSU, March 2013, Holter Normal March 2013. PDK4 Negative. 

Frozen semen is available for approved bitches only

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(photo courtesy of Cindy Noland)


Stud Dog

Alexander von Haus Jagen Sch3, FH, IPO3, ZTPSG1A, AD, WAC, CGC (10/11/91 - 7/1/06)  Cause of death: seizures caused by brain cancer

We wish to acknowledge Alexander von Haus Jagen Sch3, FH, IPO3, ZTPSG1A, AD, WAC, CGC and his endowments of character, abilities, and conformation.

To date, Alex is the top producer of schutzhund titled Dobermans in the United States. 

Frozen semen is available for approved bitches only

[Photo of Alex at 10 years old by Sue DiCero]
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Here are the 21 schutzhund titled dogs that Alex has sired:
Swift Run's Brother Brix Sch3, ZTPV1A, FH, TD owned by Chris Rasmussen
Swift Run's Babe Sch3, ZTPSG1A owned by Tammy Marshall-Weldon
Isis vom Dynasty Sch3 owned by Dr. Melodie Limpach
Indiana vom Dynasty Sch3 owned by Alex Gonsalves
Alisandro v. Moss Hill Sch3, ZTPV1A, CD, WAC, CGC owned by Nazarene Mondello
Data vom Dynasty Sch2, FFBSG1A, T-1, WAC owned by Nila McKendry
U-AgII Achates v. Moss Hill Sch2, O-1, NA, NAJ ,NAC, NJC, NGC, RS-N JS-N, VC, CGC owned by Peg Mueller
Owen vom Dynasty Sch3 owned by Randal Skelton
Mekkado's Monterey Sch2 owned by Nancy Brigham
Mekkado's Milan Sch2 owned by Dan Brigham
Aristotle v. Moss Hill Sch1, WAC owned by John Wachowski
Aria v. Moss Hill Sch1, WAC, CGC owned by Susan Alexander
Ilexus vom Swift Run Sch3 owned by Cindy Herweyer
Swift Run's Jagged Jingo Jaws Sch2 owned by Mike Schlottke and Tori Gaskill
U-Ag1, UKC
Ch. Swift Run's Jetstream Sch3, MX, MXJ, WAC, OAC, NJC, NGC, Ob3, CGC owned by Cindy Noland
Swift Run's All That Jazz Sch1 owned by Tammy Marshall-Weldon
Onslow vom Swift Run Sch1 owned by Ken Kleier.
Wyatt vom Dynasty Sch1 owned by Dr. Melodie Limpach.
Magenta's Dynamite Decision Sch3 owned by Curtis Johnson and Joyce Terrell.
Swift Run's Krystal Storm Sch3, WD3 owned by Tracy Gallagher.
Swift Run's Scout v. kkro CDX, RN, TD, VST, VPG3, WAC, CGC owned by Anne Smith.

Alex lived to be nearly 15 years old.  Some other facts about Alex:

  • He was the highest scoring doberman in the US in 1994 with 290 points on his Sch1. That also ranked him as number 3 in the country that year against all breeds.

  • He was the United Doberman Club 1995 National Schutzhund 2 Champion.

  • In 1996 he was the UDC National Sch3 Champion.

  • He represented the United Doberman Club at the FCI World Championship in Luxembourg in 1996. He was the first doberman to go to the FCI Championship from the US and pass all 3 phases of the IPO competition.

  • He was the High Scoring Dog in Tracking at the 1996 USA Nationals with 100 points.

  • In 1997 he won the UDC FH Tracking Championship.

  • In 1998 he was the UDC National Schutzhund Champion.

  • He represented the UDC at the FCI Championship in Germany in 1998. Due to an injury he had to be pulled from the competition and was retired to stud.

  • He produced the 1999 UDC National Shutzhund Champion, Swift Run's Babe Sch3, ZTPSG1A. This made history. In no other breed has a back to back National Schutzhund Championship been won by a father and daughter.

  • He produced more schutzhund titled get than any other doberman in the US.

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